We will not only be offering blind date sessions BFF stranger sessions as well but there is a separate application for that.


Well, by now, you have probably seen stranger sessions going viral all over the internet! JBE Photo & Design is finally taking the leap and branching out. We are currently taking applications for anyone interested in doing a “stranger session”.

Please note, you MUST meet the following qualifications in order to participate:

* Be AT LEAST 18 years old (21 or older preferred).

* You cannot, under any circumstance, be camera shy.

* You must be comfortable with the story/images being shared on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). This includes signing a model release.

* Must be outgoing, comfortable with intimacy and public displays of affection.

* You must be 100% committed to the session, time and date. If there’s even a slight chance you may back out at the last minute – do not apply.

* All applicants must live within 1 hour of Sibley, IA.

Please fill out the application below in full and in as much detail as possible. We want to make sure we pair you with the right person! A link to your Facebook or other social media is required. You may also send a photo of yourself to: bfrench@jbephotodesign.com

Location, date and time will be figured out once the individuals are chosen for a session. Applicants will be notified when we have paired them with a suitable match.

**We will check to make sure you and the other applicant do not know one another.

Our stranger sessions are $120/person plus a nonrefundable application fee. You will not receive your application until the non refundable application fee is paid. If you are not chosen for the session, your application fee will NOT be refunded. You will NOT receive a refund, credit, or exchange for any reason.

The application fee is $5.

Our chosen applicants will be contacted via email approximately 30 days prior to the session date. Be sure to add bfrench@jbephotodesign.com to your email list.

*Putting together these sessions takes an incredible amount of time and effort, so please be respectful of that. If you are not 100% sure you would like to participate, please do not apply*

Stranger Session Application
Are you interested in a BFF or Blind Date Stranger Session? (Check all that apply*also there will be separate application fees if you select both)
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