Acceptance of terms clause

All site visitors and/or JBE customers agree to the terms of use listed on this web page to enter into a legally binding agreement between the site user/customer, John French and Brenna French. By accessing and using this website, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provision of this agreement. In addition, when using this websites particular services, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services, which may be posted and modified from time to time. All such guidelines or rules are hereby incorporated by reference into the TOS. Site visitors who do not agree to the terms of use should exit the site. Agreement to the terms of use on this page is required for all services provided by JBE Photo & Design.

Limit of Liability

Content created by JBE Photo & Design is created for different audiences and purposes. The content offered is intended to be accurate and not harmful when viewed under normal conditions. Web site visitors will agree that that JBE Photo & Design will not be held liable for any adverse affects on the user or user equipment encountered from visiting site content created by JBE Photo & Design. Customers utilizing photography services will agree that the maximum liability will be the labor portion of services provided. Customers utilizing digital services will agree that the maximum liability that can be assigned to JBE Photo & Design will be the unused portion of an agreed upon service contract, with any refunds or reimbursements handled on a pro rated basis. Email services customers will agree that JBE Photo & Design has no liability for any content that is sent by a third party via JBE Photo & Design email that causes harm to a client computer (viruses, malware).

Data and Privacy

JBE Photo & Design does not resell or share any customer or visitor data with any third parties. JBE Photo & Design uses industry recommended practices for all digital services provided, and incorporates advanced encryption and storage methods to protect customer data. JBE Photo & Design partners with industry leading payment gateway companies & does not store any sensitive payment information on JBE Photo & Design equipment. Customers utilizing JBE Photo & Design services will agree to limit all liability related to using JBE Photo & Design services to the unused portion of any service contract. Refunds for any unused portion of a service contract are to be handled on a pro rated basis.

Termination of Services provided

JBE Photo & Design and digital services customers will agree that JBE Photo & Design can terminate a service contract if:

1. A user engages in unauthorized activities, such as SPAM email, illegal or activities deemed improper by JBE Photo & Design.

2. A user sends unsolicited email messages that cause the internet address(s) utilized by JBE Photo & Design to be listed as a spam sender by a third party spam monitoring public entity. Marketing or other informational messages sent to multiple users at a time must include a mechanism for unsubscribing and being removed from a email distribution list upon request.

2. Failure to make payment within the agreed upon payment terms is grounds for termination of a service contract.

3. Users that engage in activity that poses a security risk to the JBE Photo & Design platform, or network equipment.

4. Users that attempt to bypass, work around, or gain access to unauthorized areas of the JBE Photo & Design platform.

Reliability Waiver

JBE Photo & Design strives to provide high reliability services that are reliable and offer consistent high performance results. However, the nature of the internet involves equipment outside of the direct control of JBE Photo & Design. Digital services customers will agree to waive any liability to JBE Photo & Design for temporary loss of website or email service. JBE Photo & Design uses a robust backup strategy to prevent any data loss. Digital services customers agree that JBE Photo & Design is not liable for any data loss of any kind. Digital services customers agree that JBE Photo & Design is not responsible for any loss of profits, revenue, or reimbursements of any kind related to data loss or temporary service interruption.

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